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M-21™ Multi-Media Blaster


Multi-media portable SandblasterM-21™ Multi-Media Blaster

The M-21 is a mid size blaster that has a wide range of capabilities. From cleaning surface grease and oil to striping rust or paint, the M-21 can achieve any surface profile. Its controls are so precise that it is able to remove paint from a light bulb. The M-21 has a greater weight distribution for easier handling and an overall height of 43" which allows for easier filling. Our newly engineered chassis makes accessing the Thompson Valve ® II a breeze.

Features and Benefits

  • Lower profile for easier filling
  • Greater weight distribution of controls and piping for easier handling
  • 150 psi 18” diameter vessel with 90°degree bottom cone
  • Integrated load skid and handle for loading and protection of controls and piping
  • Stainless steel control panel with differential pressure gauge for easier operation
  • Full by-pass piping for use of other blast media applications
  • Cyclonic moisture separator and air- regulator standard
  • Water attachment for dust suppression
  • Open chassis for greater access to Thompson Valve
  • Thompson Valve II with Key-slotted (tungsten carbide sleeve) and clean out
  • Pneumatic vibrator for increased flow of light media
  • Lid and Screen standard
  • New Feature: Internal valve reduces media migration into airline and valves

M-21 Mid Size Multimedia Blaster