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Norton Sandblasting Equipment carries a variety of standard and specialty blast nozzles. If you do not see the size or type of nozzle you need or if you are unsure which nozzle to use for your specific application, just give us a call.
Other nozzles also available.     800-366-4341   or   757-548-4842
(Please call or email us for nozzles not shown.)

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Standard Nozzles:
Specialty Nozzles:

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For physically demanding operations. This tungsten carbide nozzle features brass threads and a reinforced polyurethane upper body.

Threads: 1-1/4 - 11-1/2 N.P.S.M

Empire Brand Parts also available. Please call for pricing and to order.


Long Venturi Nozzles
Tungsten Carbide
Poly Series

TLVE-3P (#3 nozzle) $106.00 ea.   Qty:
TLVE-4P (#4 nozzle) $116.00 ea.   Qty:
TLVE-5P (#5 Nozzle) $120.00 ea.  Qty:
TLVE-6P (#6 Nozzle) $134.00 ea.  Qty:
TLVE-7P (#7 Nozzle) $168.00 ea.  Qty:
TLVE-8P (#8 Nozzle) $200.00 ea.  Qty:

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BP200 SiAION liner
with polyurethane jacket
and brass threads.


Lightweight Venturi Nozzles

SN156-3P (#3 nozzle) $93.00 ea.     Qty:
SN156-4P (#4 nozzle) $107.00 ea.   Qty:
SN156-5P (#5 Nozzle) $109.00 ea.  Qty:
SN156-6P (#6 Nozzle) $120.00 ea.  Qty:
SN156-7P (#7 Nozzle) $140.00 ea.  Qty:
SN156-8P (#8 Nozzle) $161.00 ea.  Qty:

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Long Venturi Nozzles
Tungsten Carbide
TLVE-3 (#3 nozzle)
TLVE-4 (#4 nozzle)
TLVE-5 (#5 nozzle)
TLVE-6 (#6 nozzle)
TLVE-7 (#7 nozzle)
TLVE-8 (#8 nozzle)

  For the most physically demanding operations and greatest resistance against breakage. This tungsten carbide nozzle features an all-brass outer body with a polyurethane inner cushion.
Threads: 1-1/4 - 11-1/2 N.P.S.M

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Short Venturi Nozzles
Tungsten Carbide
T121-3P (#3 nozzle)
T121-4P (#4 nozzle)
T121-5P (#5 nozzle)
T121-6P (#6 nozzle)
T121-7P (#7 nozzle)
T121-8P (#8 nozzle)


Tungsten Carbide liner with polyurethane jacket and brass threads.

Length: 3-3/8" (85.7mm)
Threads: 1-1/4 - 11-1/2 N.P.S.M


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Aluminum Oxide
Ceramic Inserts

502421 (#4 nozzle)
502431 (#5 nozzle)
502441 (#7 nozzle)


1-1/8" O.D. flange

Length: 1-3/8" (34.9mm)

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