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Items currently available to buy online:
Nova 3 Blast Helmet, Parts and Accessories

Nova 2000 Blast Hood, Parts and Accessories
Nova 2000 Blast Hood

More than 40 Nova 2000
Parts and Accessories
are Available Online!

Nova 2000 blast parts buy online    
Nova 2000 Parts and Accessories    
  • lenses and capes
  • helmet parts
  • hood linings
  • airline filter / cartridge
  • breathing tubes
  • flow control
  • hose & fittings
  • climate control


    Schmidt /Axxiom Blast Equipment Parts

    • Repair Kits
    • Control Valve
    • Deadman Control
    • Strainer
    • Gasket
    • Pop-up
    • More...

    More Schmidt parts will be added soon.
    (757) 548-4842 or toll free at 1-800-366-4341 to order any parts that are not online.

    Click here to find your
    Schmidt Parts.
    Schmidt Blaster Parts Diagrams      


    Empire Blast Cabinet Parts and Accessories

    If your part is not available online, please call or email us:
    (757) 548-4842 or Toll Free: 1-800-366-4341

    Blast Suits and Gloves
    leather blast suitimage- nylong blast suit

    Leather/Canvas Blast Suits
    Nylon/Canvas Blast Suits
    Premium Leather Blast Gloves

    Couplings for Blast Hose and Nozzle Holders

    Aluminum, Brass, Nylon, & Plated Iron
    Standard Hose Couplings (Q)
    Full Port Hose Couplings (QX)
    Tank (Threaded) Couplings (SB)
    Full Port Tank Couplings (SBX)
    Standard Nozzle Holders (NH)
    Full Port Nozzle Holders (50mm threads)

    Blast Nozzles

    Long Venturi Nozzles, Tungsten Carbide Poly Series

    For physically demanding operations. This tungsten carbide nozzle features brass threads and a reinforced polyurethane upper body. Sizes: #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8


    Flat Sand Valve , Key Style Grit (Metering), Key Style Pinch Valve


    MBX Tool and Bristle Blaster Brush Belts
    • Coarse, Medium, Fine Carbon Steel
    • Straight or Angled Tips
    • MBX Tool belts available in Medium
      or Fine Stainless Steel
    • 11mm, 23mm, or 43mm sizes
    • MBX Vinyl Eraser
    • Hardened &Sharpened Carbon Spring Steel
    • Click here to view brush belts for sale online

    Needle/Chisel Scaler Tools and Accessories
    • Needle Scaler, Pneumatic
    • Needle/Chisel Scaler Kit with Case
    • Vacuum Attachment Kit
    • Needles, chisel tip or flat tip
    • Click here to view/buy online

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