EcoQuip Wet Blasters

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Automotive Cleaning Equipment

Meeting the Needs of the
Automotive Industry

If you service, repair, or rebuild automobile parts, Norton Sandblasting Equipment can guide you to the right equipment for cleaning and surface preparation. Auto Parts Cleaner

  • transmission
  • starter housings
  • carburetor
  • paint & body work
  • engine / motor
  • alternator & electricalBlock and Head Cleaner picture
  • water pump
  • machined parts
  • rack and pinion
  • brakes
  • CVs
  • Valves

  • Every automotive professional knows that removing grease, dirt, oil, and road grime can mean the difference between a part lasting for years or causing hundreds of dollars in future repair bills.

    Owners of race cars, hot rods, classic cars, and show quality vehicles often choose to blast parts to a smooth, shiny metallic surface for the aesthetic effect, as well as the benefit of optimum performance.


    Cleaning and Surface Preparation Solutions

    Airless Parts Cleaning Blaster
    The MB2000 is a small, compact and powerful airless shot blaster

    Head and Block Blasters
    The LSBH-4 cleans eight heads or one block

    Tumble Blasters

    Vibratory Shakers
    Clean grease and grime, de-burr, and polish parts quickly, quietly and efficiently

    Hydroflex (Baking Soda) Blasters
    Tough cleaning abilities, gentle for the environment

    Wet Blasting
    also known as slurry blasting, wet etching, liquid abrasive blasting, and wet honing

    Not sure what equipment meets your need and budget?
    Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the right equipment for your specific need-- even if you do not see it on our website.

        Norton Sandblasting Equipment offers blast equipment, supplies, parts and accessories for sale and select blast equipment is available for rent. We service most equipment that we sell or rent. We do not offer blasting services. Images and content on this web site were created by or for Norton Sandblasting Equipment. Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or attempts to use images or content without written permission will result in legal action.

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