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  Radex Carbon Monoxide Monitor

Easy to Use-

The Radex CO Monitor can be as simple or technical as you want. For ease of use, all you need to do is three simple steps:
1. Connect Power
2. Connect Air Supply
3. Turn On
It is that simple... no set points required.


Now you can see what is happening in your plant. With the rpb software, you can view and download data recordings which show alarms, Carbon Monoxide Level, and Temperature. Or you can click on real time and see what is happening right up to the minute. The unit will hold up to two years of information.

The unit comes complete with 12V power adapter, rpb software and USB cable. The unit can also be purchased with an optional 6 foot 12 volt cable with battery clips to run your unit from your compressor (part # NV08-227). The monitor can be mounted on a Radex filter unit. It can also be wall mounted using the optional wall clip attachment.
(part # NV08-231)

    * Computer not included
* Radex filter sold separately

How can you be sure your CO monitor
is operating or your operators
are using the monitor?

With the unique rpb software, you have complete traceability so the proof is in the data logs!

Alarm Options-

The Radex CO Monitor is fitted with a Buzzer Alarm as standard; this alarm can be supported with one or more of the options that connect to the 12V output.
1. Strobe Warning Light
2. Air Horn
3. Siren
4. Normally Open Solenoid that can  shut Compressed Air to Equipment when alarming.
5. Normally Closed solenoid that opens air supply to the respirators when the Radex Monitor is turned on, this solenoid will pulsate the air supply when alarming


More details about the Radex Carbon Monoxide Monitor......

The Radex CO Monitor is designed to monitor breathing air for carbon monoxide contamination from a compressed air source. Compressed air is supplied to the unit through the sampling hose where the air flows through a preset pressure regulator and a fixed orifice flow restrictor. The system delivers a continuous flow of compressed air into the sensor chamber. The monitor continuously analyzes the air and displays a CO reading in ppm and the temperature of the compressed air.

To provide added protection, the Radex CO Monitor provides traceability via PC. This feature provides users with the ability to review data which has been recorded and stored. The traceability feature provides information on CO levels, temperature, alarms, calibration and date and time. The unit is also equipped with an anti-tamper device, which is activated if the monitor is disassembled.

The unit is housed in a robust protective case which can be carried or mounted either on a Radex filter or on a wall. All system lights and alarms are located on the outside of the protective case. An external power outlet is located on the outside of the protective case to provide power to an external alarm, strobe warning light or solenoid. The monitor must be supplied with Grade-D air and must be free of oil and water to prevent contamination of the sensor.

The monitor is designed to operate at 12 volts DC and uses a 110/240 V - 12 V power adaptor (included with the NV08-200 CO Monitor) or an optional 6 foot, 12 volt cable with battery clips (Part # NV08-227). The unit is designed to operate in temperature ranges -10 to +60 C and humidity levels of 5% - 99% (no condensation).

The Radex CO Monitor satisfies the requirements of OSHA rule 29CFR 1910.134(i)(1)(ii)(C), 1910.134(i)(6), and 1910.134(i)(7) for Carbon Monoxide monitoring.

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